Help-Desk for Earth' Peoples Problems (except IT)
The idea behind this website currently is:
Someone visits the website.
Writes a question.
This question is sent to 5 persons' (agents) emails.
If at least 3 of these 5 find a collective answer ...
... the answer is sent.
Main problem:
Many people have questions ...
... but how make the "agents" answer?
current approach is to make them meet 30 minutes after they receive the question.
If you sign up as an agent, you can say at which daytime you can answer questions. At any time you can pause or reactivate your account.
When an agent follows the link from the sent question-email, the agent can meet the other 4 on a website with a realtime-textprocessing software (etherpad-lite).
If the agent has no time, another link in the email allows to forward the question to a new agent from the database.
Thank you for testing, suggestions, amore!
This is me: :) this is you: :). My name is Felix Konstantin Longolius - I planned to become a tennis pro but suddenly I would not be allowed to play with the other kids - maybe because my mother didn't pay the membership, maybe because on a usual basis I went to the club to play against the wall and that did not look good for a 10 year old. Now I am 40 years old and your questions will reach me too and I know a lot.