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Question: General

This is my question: Is this working, as always and should be?


This is our Answer: The system works smooth and easy going. No colors but letters like the moon on a foggy grassfieldrootroad back to england, darling.
Question: Weihnachtens

This is my question: Hinterm Mond ist noch eine Bar, die kann offen sein, aber sonst tut es auch die Tankstelle mit nem 50.000er Lira Trinkgeld. Ho ho ho


This is our Answer: Well, please see, that christmas shadn't be too extravagant. I do not care what you are writing I am ok.

He is ok.
I see.

Ok, folks, so if we are satisfied. Yepp Yepp Yepp Yepp Yepp
Question: Lemonade

This is my question: Do you know how to make lemonade from tap-water and rice and jam?


This is our Answer: This is an inviting question. Thanks a lot.
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